The Blunted House Returns to Tubi TV: A Spooky Comedy for Weed Enthusiasts

Returning The Blunted House to Tubi TV

The independent comedy horror stoner film, “The Blunted House,” makes a triumphant return to Tubi TV, offering viewers a chance to experience its unique blend of scares and laughs. What’s even better? You can now stream it for free on the Tubi TV app.

More than your typical weed movie

Produced, written, and directed by Norman Miller, “The Blunted House” unfolds the quirky tale of two Los Angeles-based weed dealers who take an unconventional route to make ends meet—transforming their home into a two-story bong. Miller, drawn to Tubi TV’s innovative business model, underscores its distinction from platforms like Netflix or Hulu. Unlike these paid services, Tubi TV provides free content supported by ads.

The Rise of Independent Filmmakers on Tubi TV

In the evolving landscape of the film industry, independent filmmakers are increasingly finding a haven on Tubi TV, a streaming service that offers viewers access to a vast library of movies without any cost. This platform, available in over 150 countries on iOS, Android, Roku, and various other platforms, opens up new avenues for independent creators.

Tubi TV’s Strategic Advertising Platform

Tubi TV’s appeal extends beyond its free content, thanks to a robust advertising platform. This feature enables advertisers to connect with specific audiences based on geographic, demographic, and behavioral data. The platform’s significant growth spans major territories, including the United States, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia.

The Blunted House: A Cinematic Delight for Weed Enthusiasts

For those who appreciate a good 420-themed comedy/horror, “The Blunted House” is a must-watch indie movie. Now conveniently available on the Tubi TV app, this film promises an entertaining experience without any subscription fees. Don’t miss out—take a toke and dive into the unique world of “The Blunted House” on Tubi TV!

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