“Pizza Over Everything” By Author, Chantay Brown

Every morning after a cup of coffee, I take a walk down the road with my Pug. We stroll past a local antique store, a 1976 diner, a smoke shop, and a newspaper stand. We try to walk around the neighborhood for a good 45 minutes before heading home and getting the day started. A week prior to this, I was looking to pick up a few self-help books to add to my collection of daily reading. I went online for new releases, toured bookstores, and ask around for suggestions. While at a friend’s house I picked up the self-help book, “Pizza Over Everything,” written by Author, Chantay Brown.

The book cover caught my attention immediately in which that in itself made me pick it up. I honestly thought it was a recipe book about pizza but when I cracked it open, I couldn’t put it down. I wanted to take the book home with me to finish but my friend hadn’t read it for herself. She told me where I could order it, and I did it at that moment. I now have the book, and after my walk with my Pug, I sat down and read the entire book in one sitting and here’s what I learned…

  1. The author loves pizza
  2. In order to live a positive and productive life, you have to choose happiness
  3. Although challenges will arise, you must stay focus on the prize
  4. We all break sometimes so crying is okay
  5. When we vent out of life’s frustrations, vent, but don’t live there
  6. If stress overcomes your body while working your 9 to 5, leave
  7. You are a winner
  8. Your relationship should be a boost in your life and not a burden
  9. Spend a little but save a little because homelessness is around the corner
  10. The author loves pizza

This book is a quick read and it’s like 2-6 pages per section. It’s entertaining, to the point, and it will literally slap you around and shake you up where you begin to question what is your pizza? At the end of the book, the author poses a simple question, “What’s your pizza?” This simple question makes you step back and look at your life and ask what is it that makes me happy. My Pug is my pizza. Her eyes, Her coat, Her love. At age 62, my Pug is what makes me happy. Pick you up a copy from Amazon and have a slice with me and my Pug.

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